Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bitch Stole My Look

I love these posts on pinkisthenewblog so I had to post my own.  Here's Drew Barrymore as Little Edie from Grey Gardens alongside Tori Amos from her latest video "Maybe California."  All Tori needs is the red sleeve cap.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I'm Not A Special Pumper

First, I get the giggles every time I think about the name of the local chain of gas stations here:  *PUMPERS* 

At any rate, Pumpers offers 4 grades of gasoline at their pumps; however, the 5 selections offer both a premium grade at 91 octane and a special grade at 91 octane.  They are absolutely the same as best I can tell.  So why is the Premium button charging $1.989 per gallon while the Special button (the SAME gas) charges $2.059??  

I had to go inside for something, so I asked the "Fuel Genius" at the counter about the price difference.  She looked down at her pricing sheet, looked at me and opened her mouth to speak, paused then looked back to the pricing sheet again, made a perplexed face, looked back at me and said "Chile, I couldn't tell ya."  

Fortunately for me, I clicked the Premium button.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kitchen-Sink Soup is GOOOD

Part of my packing for the move includes using up as many kitchen items as possible, and canned goods fall into that category.  Yesterday, I bought some beef for a veggie-beef soup.  All the canned veggies in my cupboards were cleared out to contribute to the dish.  I let it simmer a few hours last night, and now I'm enjoying it for lunch today. I'm not a soup person by any means, but this is pretty tasty.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

T.E.A. Partiers Can Kiss My Ass

The title pretty much sums up my entire feelings about the ridiculous tea parties going on across the nation.  If you wanna complain, don't do it so "symbolically."  Anyway, the other day I went with a coworker to a local restaurant for lunch where this greasy flyer was placed on the table.  Note the "Obama Burger," which costs full price, but the restaurant only serves you half the sandwich and "randomly serves your other sandwich half to someone else."  WTF!  Granted, I currently live in a red state, but do people really do crazy stuff like this??  

Probably not the nicest thing, but when it got time to leave my tip, I paid with my debit card and added the tip of $1.50.  Below the total I wrote, "Your original tip was $3, but I'm giving you half and the rest will be distributed randomly to another person."

I have family who have waited tables for a living, so I know it's not right to take things out on the wait staff, but in this case, somehow I feel justified, and the $1.50 was around the 15% range.  But this is the second time in a few months that I've docked tips because of ignorance and intolerance.  I boycott Pizza Hut now because the last time I ordered delivery from there, I waited way longer than I should have had to for the food to arrive and when it finally did, some 40something grungefest was standing outside the door with my order.  He seemed friendly enough, so I signed the charge slip and added a $4 tip.  

As I'm handing the slip back to the guy, he says "Wow. this is much better than the order I delivered a few floors down from you." I say "Oh yeah?" and Mr. Too Old To Deliver Pizza for a Living says, "Yeah, down there, I rang the bell and this swishy gay guy answered and says "ooh aah you're finally here!" and while saying this he's making girly voices and limp-wristing one of his hands.  

I just look at the guy stone-faced, and say "Oh, let me see what I handed you. I did something wrong."  He gives me the ticket back and I strike through the $4 and put a $1 in it's place.  I hand it to him, take my pizza, and as he's saying "Thanks" (unaware of what I'd done), I slam the door in his face.

Get some couth, people! Seriously.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Packing begins!

Today begins the initial steps of a move more than a year in the making.  Last year, when I renewed the lease with my apartment complex, I knew I wanted to move somewhere different by the following year.  I have no social life here, as most of my friends live hours and states away.    I wanted to move somewhere that I could get out more, that offered more culture, and was larger and more metropolitan than my current locale.

Last summer, after visiting my friend Keith, I thought I'd like to move to the DC area.  However, because of the economy, I was afraid to stray too far away and in too expensive an area.

The compromise: Atlanta!  It's not far, it has the things I'm looking for that are lacking in my current location (Greenville, SC), and it's not as expensive as DC.

In March, I went apartment hunting in Atlanta and found a really nice, trendy complex that had just been built and opened in 2008.  The move is now all set for April 30, and today I brought the boxes in and pulled out the packing tape and started packing up my books.  Sadly, despite the drastically scaled down book collection I keep in my apartment (the remainder are at my mom's house), the 4 full and heavy boxes don't hold all my books, most yes but not all.  I'll have to go back to the mover's tomorrow and get more boxes and get started on my DVD collection.  After that, it's kitchen utensils, and then I think I may be done with boxing.  

Devin arrives on the 29th and he'll be helping me with the move and getting settled.  Only 2 weeks from today till the exodus begins.