Thursday, April 16, 2009

Packing begins!

Today begins the initial steps of a move more than a year in the making.  Last year, when I renewed the lease with my apartment complex, I knew I wanted to move somewhere different by the following year.  I have no social life here, as most of my friends live hours and states away.    I wanted to move somewhere that I could get out more, that offered more culture, and was larger and more metropolitan than my current locale.

Last summer, after visiting my friend Keith, I thought I'd like to move to the DC area.  However, because of the economy, I was afraid to stray too far away and in too expensive an area.

The compromise: Atlanta!  It's not far, it has the things I'm looking for that are lacking in my current location (Greenville, SC), and it's not as expensive as DC.

In March, I went apartment hunting in Atlanta and found a really nice, trendy complex that had just been built and opened in 2008.  The move is now all set for April 30, and today I brought the boxes in and pulled out the packing tape and started packing up my books.  Sadly, despite the drastically scaled down book collection I keep in my apartment (the remainder are at my mom's house), the 4 full and heavy boxes don't hold all my books, most yes but not all.  I'll have to go back to the mover's tomorrow and get more boxes and get started on my DVD collection.  After that, it's kitchen utensils, and then I think I may be done with boxing.  

Devin arrives on the 29th and he'll be helping me with the move and getting settled.  Only 2 weeks from today till the exodus begins.


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